Airport Guide – LA

Airport Guide – LA

Los Angles Airport is the primary international airport serving California and Los Angles. It is commonly known as LAX. LAX is situated in the Westchester which is on the southwest side of Los Angles. It is a main international getaway to the United States. It is the second busiest airport in the United States and World’s fifth busiest passenger airport. LAX is huge but easy to get around. All the terminals here are marked properly.

Terminal Information

There are nine passenger terminals in Los Angles Airport(LAX). There is terminal number one to eight and the name of ninth one is Tom Bradley International Terminal. LAX has a loop layout, and all the terminals are set out in a U shape. All the terminals are different from each other. Each terminal has its own set of facilities including dining, shopping and security.

Tom Bradley Internation Terminal is in the Central Terminal Area. From here you can enter other terminals on the North and Southside. Tom Bradley International Terminal is the major international terminal with 18 gates. Terminal 2 is the other terminal that hosts international flights.

American Airlines only uses Terminal 4. All the terminals are interconnected conveniently. You can go for one terminal to another using airside walkways and shuttle bus.


Los Angles Airport has numerous services and facilities to offer. You will find ICE Currency Exchange kiosks on the upper level of all terminals and lower levels of terminals 2,5,6 and Tom Bradley International Terminal. There are plenty of vending machines on most of the terminals to buy water and other products.

Parking at LAX airport is available and is paid. There are two lots, one is the cost per hour, and others are metered lots. They also have a cell phone waiting lot. Here, you can wait for free until you get a call from the arriving passenger. It also houses decent lounges which you can access.

There are information booths on each terminal where you can find answers to queries. Keep in mind that there are no shower or baggage storage facilities. There is a first aid station at the upper level of Tom Bradley International Terminal. Nursing rooms are available on all terminals. You will find ATMs almost everywhere.


If you have to spend a night at the airport, keep in mind that there are no specific rest zones or sleeping pods available on site. Getting into a paid lounge may be a good idea. They have comfortable seats to relax and shower facilities. You can also consider staying in a hotel nearby. Choose the one with free shuttle service and day rooms.


Eating and drinking options at the Los Angles Airport depends on which terminal you are on. Some terminals have better options than others. You might find fewer choices for before security. It is advisable to do a little research to avoid running from one terminal to another in search of food.

Now, there are many dining choices at the Los Angles Airport than before. There are also excellent cafes and restaurants. Before security, you will get options like seven-eleven, Starbucks and Dunkin Doughnuts. After security, you will have more choices ranging from delis, pizza places, burgers, plant-based food, Asian food and pubs.


At Los Angles Airport, you will be spoiled for choices when it comes to shopping. It does not matter if you want to do some window shopping, last minute souvenir shopping or splurge your heart out, there are so many shops.

Tom Bradley International Terminal houses most of the luxurious brands that include Micheal Kors, Armani, Coach, Hugo Boss, Porshe and much more. Duty-Free shops here allows you to buy expensive accessories, jewellery, handbags, sunglasses from high-end brands at one place.

Get around

It is somewhat easy to get around Los Angles Airport. To go from one terminal to another, you can take a walkway or free shuttle bus. It takes approximately 5 minutes to walk between terminals. Terminals 1, 2, 3 do not have a secure walkway. From here, you will have to get a shuttle bus or walk landside. Terminals 4 to 8 and Tom Bradley International Terminal connects internally with secure walkways.

Airport Transportation

For transit to and, from Los Angles Airport there is plenty of ground transportation options for the passengers. The first option is to take public transportation. From LA Airport you can take the Metro Green Line Aviation Station. To get here, take the free shuttle service available from all the terminals. From the lower level of each terminal, you can ride the buses which will take you to several destinations. Check out route of the bus before boarding one.

To take a taxi look for a yellow sign in front of the arrival of the terminal. You will have to pay a flat rate if you wish to travel to downtown LA from Airport. Book a shared Uber to save some money. Some nearby hotels in Los Angles provide free shuttle service to and from the Airport. There is also a parking lot shuttle for visitor’s convenience. If you want to be at ease, it is better to rent a car. You can pick up the car from the airport, and you will be able to travel more independently.